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The Phoenicians Travel Straw Holder

The Phoenicians Travel Straw Holder

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Single-use straws are made of plastic that we can't recycle they end up sitting in landfills. You can use reusable straws to help reduce the plastic pollution problem.

Keeping your straws clean and accessible is always a priority when on the go. This travel case can store 5-6 straws. The faux-leather exterior is easy to wipe clean. Features a hold over top with Kam snap closure. The snap can be customized.

  ** If you are interested in a different snap color or design than what is pictured please purchase the "Made for You" option and comment with your requested snap.

The fold-over top maintains air flow to help limit any unwanted yuckies, but you'll still want to remove and wash your used straws. Make sure to wait until your straws are dry before storing them.

10.5" x 2.5" wide

Optional straw add-on will be 5 random plastic straws that will fit within the straw holder.

All products are handmade for you in the US. I do not produce the fabric that my items are made from and am not associated with Disney or any other licensed company.


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